Cold Hearted Jewellery is designed to be loved and lived in.
Our Jewellery is designed and crafted with you at the forefront. Our promise is we only use the finest 18k Gold and Sterling Silver. 
Our Gold-Plated Jewellery is made by electroplating a layer of 18k gold onto sterling silver. Gold-plated Jewellery is not solid 18k Gold and requires extra care. We encourage you to be a conscious consumer and look after our Gold Plated pieces using the below advice to ensure their longevity.  
  • Remove your jewellery when exercising, showering, swimming or doing anything that involves moisture.  
  • Ensure your hands are clean and free of moisture when handling all gold-plated jewellery. 
  • Keep away from perfume, cosmetics and fake tan.  
  • Store your jewellery in your Cold Hearted box or an air-tight container out of direct sunlight and away from heat. 



Our Gold Filled Jewellery is made by bonding 18k Gold to our Sterling Silver base metal. Gold Filled Jewellery is an incredibly durable jewellery option as it is infused into the metal and not plated on top. To put it simply, Gold Filled Jewellery lasts longer and is better with general day to day wear.